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Double-Sided Beard Comb

Double-Sided Beard Comb

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Introducing our custom-crafted, double-sided beard comb, accompanied by a handmade leather pocket sleeve for convenient storage and display.

Remember: the wide teeth are ideal for untangling longer hair, while the fine teeth excel at grooming shorter hair.

How to Use: After applying our hydrating balm, gently comb through your beard from end to root using the wider teeth of the comb.

Difference Between Our Beard Comb And Beard Brush: Use the comb to detangle longer beards before styling with product. The fine-toothed side removes debris and dead skin, while the other side is for styling and product distribution. Avoid over-combing to prevent split ends.

Our Beard Brush complements the comb by softening the beard, removing excess sebum, and providing a finishing touch. Feel free to assign specific roles to the comb and brush for optimal beard care.

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