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The Barber House

Detoxifying Mud Scalp Treatment

Detoxifying Mud Scalp Treatment

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Rejuvenate your scalp with our Detoxifying Mud Scalp Treatment at The Barber House. Designed to eliminate impurities from hair and scalps stressed by pollutants, this luxurious treatment will leave your scalp radiant and revitalized.

Our skilled professionals begin with a thorough consultation to assess your scalp's needs. Next, indulge in the application of our detoxifying mud mask, enriched with natural minerals and botanical extracts. This mask deeply cleanses and purifies the scalp, promoting healthier hair growth and overall scalp wellness.

Relax and unwind as the mud mask works its magic, detoxifying and nourishing your scalp. Complete your experience with a soothing scalp massage to enhance circulation and further boost the treatment's effectiveness.

Experience the rejuvenation and book your Detoxifying Mud Scalp Treatment today at The Barber House. Your scalp deserves the best care.

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