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Perm for Men in Dubai - Expert Guide 2023

Give Your Hair a Stylish Twist with a Perm for Men in Dubai

Perms are not just for women anymore. Men can style their hair with modern perms that create natural-looking waves and curls. Get the inside scoop on hair perm for men in Dubai.

What is a Perm for Men?

A perm or permanent wave uses chemicals to rearrange the inner structure of your hair to make it curly or wavy. The curls last around 3-6 months.

Unlike the tight 80s-style perms, modern perms for men create loose, natural-looking waves and texture. Subtle perms can add depth and flow to straight or wavy hair. Tighter perms result in springy curls.

Men get perms to:

  • Add volume and body
  • Reduce the need for daily styling
  • Embrace natural curls
  • Get a stylish, curly hairstyle

Hair perming, Dubai at the barber shop creates natural, loose waves that style easily.

The Barber House - Dubai's Perm Specialists

The Barber House in Dubai Marina specializes in premium men's grooming services, including perm haircuts for men.

With a 4.8-star rating based on 950+ reviews, their experienced barbers provide excellent service in a relaxing environment. Using top professional product brands, they offer haircuts, coloring, styling, shaves, facials, waxing, and perming hair in dubai.

The Barber House sets itself apart by:

  • Central and Convenient Location: Easy to access in Marinascape Mall, Dubai Marina
  • Dedicated Men's Salon: Tailored specifically to men's needs
  • Diverse and Talented Barbers: Hailing from various countries like Turkey, Portugal, Philippines, and Pakistan to provide specialized expertise
  • Use of Premium Brands: Like L'Oréal, American Crew, Uppercut, and more
  • Clean and Comfortable Interior: With complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks, and TV entertainment.

The expert barbers and premium brand products ensure a high-quality, lasting perm hairstyle.

Perm Hairstyles for Men

There are a few common types of perms for men available at most modern barber shops:

1.     Subtle Body Wave Perm

This perm creates a natural "beach wave" look with a bit of volume and flow. It works well for guys with straight, thin hair. It's versatile to style messy, swept back, or left naturally wavy.

2.    Tight Curl Perm

Guys with straight or wavy hair can get bouncy, defined ringlets or corkscrew curls with a tight perm. It brings out your inner curly kid. Style it trimmed short or grow it out into a curly afro.

3.   Root Perm

This partial perm targets only the crown and top of your head. It adds lift and volume around your part line while keeping the sides and back straight. Famous for boosting thin hair.

Before You Perm

There are a few important things to consider before deciding to perm your hair. The length of your hair, health, texture, and ethnicity can all impact how well a perm takes and lasts.

Length & Health

Your hair should be at least an inch long for the perm rods to wrap around. Perms work best on healthy hair that has been well-conditioned and avoids bleaching or coloring for a few weeks beforehand.

Texture & Ethnicity

Perms tend to take better and last longer on straight or wavy hair textures. Very curly hair may not hold a perm yet. Coarser, curly ethnic hair often requires specially formulated perms as well.

When unsure if a perm is suitable for your hair, consult your stylist. They can assess factors like damage, texture, and growth patterns.

Before Your Appointment

Before getting a perm, have an open conversation with your stylist about:

  • Desired look and hair type
  • Previous chemical treatments
  • Any allergies or scalp sensitivities

Schedule perms at least 2 weeks before important events allowing time for changes. Those with concerning scalp conditions or health issues should check with their doctor first. Be prepared to patch test formulas.

Let your stylist know upfront about any factors impacting the perm process. Planning ahead and transparent communication sets up best results.

Pre-Perm Prep

Getting your hair ready beforehand allows perm solution to penetrate most effectively:

Clarifying Wash

Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo 1-2 days before your appointment to remove buildup. Avoid conditioner or silicone styling products during this time.


Get a trim to tidy split ends if needed.

Freshly Washed

Arrive at your appointment with freshly washed, product-free hair so the perm takes best.

Before Your Appointment

Before getting a perm, transparently discuss with your stylist:

  • Desired look and hair type
  • Previous chemical treatments
  • Any allergies or scalp issues


Book perms at least 2 weeks pre-special events allowing time for changes. Last minute perms risk undesirable results.

Health Considerations

Those with concerning scalp/health conditions should consult their doctor first. Be prepared to patch test perm formulas.

Carefully prep hair and have open conversations with your stylist beforehand. Proper perm application starts with planning ahead and good communication.

Our Step-by-Step Perm Process

When you arrive for your Dubai perm appointment at The Barber House, here is what we do:

1. Cleansing Shampoo

We start the process with a deep cleansing shampoo and scalp massage to remove any dirt, oil, or product buildup that could block perm solution absorption. We use a clarifying shampoo from premium brands like American Crew or Uppercut Deluxe.

2. Towel Blotting

We gently blot the excess moisture with a towel to damp dry your hair. Care is taken not to rub hair too roughly. Hair should be evenly damp, not dripping wet or fully dry.

3. Sectioning Off Strands

We meticulously separate your hair into organized sections using tail combs, clips, and perm papers. We keep sections thin for even perm processing. Foils can also be wrapped around rods to protect ends.

4. Application

With a tint brush, we apply the perm solution strand-by-strand from roots along the entire hair length. The perming solution should thoroughly saturate each section while avoiding scalp contact.

5. Waiting

After all rods are wrapped, we place a processing cap to allow the perm solution to take effect. The standard time is 10 minutes but can vary based on formulation and desired tightness. We check for texture changes.

6. Neutralizer Solution

At the right moment, we apply the neutralizer chemical to stop the perm processing and stabilize bonds. This reforms hair into its new curly alignment.

7. Rinsing

Once fully neutralized, we thoroughly rinse the perm and neutralizing chemicals away with a cleansing shampoo and water. Multiple rinses ensure no residue remains.

8. Drying and Styling

Using a towel, we gently squeeze the air or blow dry your hair. The perm is styled into your preferred look, whether voluminous waves or separated coils.

9. Maintenance Tips

Finally, we advise proper at-home care to nurture the perm, retain elasticity, and maximize longevity. Tips are tailored to your hair type.

We carefully execute the process, ensuring correct timing and application for flawless perm results.

Caring for Your Perm

Follow these tips to help your perm last longer with healthy, defined curls:

○ Gentle Products

Use moisturizing shampoos/conditioners without harsh chemicals. Avoid stripping the perm.

○ Air Dry

Let curls air dry naturally instead of heat styling to maintain shape.

○ Refreshers

Use leave-in conditioners and curl creams to refresh perm when needed.

○ Protect from Elements

Avoid chlorine, saltwater, dirty environments which can loosen perms prematurely.

○ Wetting Guidelines

Wait 48 hours before getting a new perm wet. Avoid tying wet hair in tight styles.

After Your Perm

To maintain great perm results:

  • Follow Aftercare
  • Carefully follow all post-perm instructions from your stylist like:
    1. Using sulfate-free, perm-safe products
    2. Reporting any concerns promptly
  • Attending recommended follow-ups
  • At-Home Care

Acknowledge proper at-home care is vital for perm maintenance and commit to adhering to provided instructions. Working together with your stylist by following provided aftercare ensures your perm stays healthy and looking great.

Style Your Hair With a Perm for Men

A perm might be right for you if you have straight or wavy locks. Perms for men create trendy, natural-looking waves and curls minus the high maintenance.

For premium perm services for men in Dubai, visit the expert barbers at The Barber House, located conveniently in Dubai Marina. Our skilled barbers and top professional product brands ensure you walk away with a head-turning perm hairstyle.

Book your perm appointment today and reinvent your hairstyle!

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